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CAA is Injustice with the persecuted minorities of Bangladesh

I welcome all minorities of Pakistan, regarding Afghanistan, I do not wish to comment upon that. But, regarding Bangladesh, do all people among minorities of there, that have come illegally to India, do all of them have come to save themselves from persecution? Or have some or many of them come here not because of persecution, but, in search of better employment and business opportunities? If it is so, how can you treat people who have come here to save their lives from persecution and those who search for better employment opportunities equally? Also, how can you discriminate between those bangladeshis who come here for job, treating some as legal and some as illegal? The same argument was given by Kerela Governer on a TV interview on 'Aap ki Adalat' show hosted by Mr. Rajat Sharma that those who come here in search of better employment and those who come here to save their lives are unequals, and unequals cannot be treated equally. That was a fair argument and I agree.

Shaheen Bagh - Threat to nation's safety.

Of course nation safety comes first. But, it must be remembered that the women protesting at shaheen bagh today were the same that supported the government on the issue of triple talaq. A party is projecting those women as being Pakistan parast, as being people who want to divide the nation on religious basis.. But, tell me, is the identity of hindu a religious / communal identity, or is it a national identity? People clearly understand that hindu is a religious communal identity. Then, why are we promoting such identities that will create a divide between us as a nation? Why are we becoming narrow minded as Indians. My nationalism does not teach me to discriminate people on the basis of faith or belief or religious identity. In the times of today, nationalism is true religious identity, religious identity does not have a value any more, we are known to this world as Indians, not as of a particular religion, on our passports and visa our only identity is that of Indian, and only