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Affirmative Actions and why reservations still exist in India till today

The issue of reservations is till today the most hotly debated issue among the youth. The issue is not just of reservations, but, all of affirmative actions as a whole. To put it simply, Indian society of today is divided into a number of endogamous communities, some of these communities in various social, educational and economic indicators have been found to be relatively backward with respect to the whole population in general. Thus the population is being perceived as divided into advanced and backward communities(or class as a whole). Affirmative actions is the set of policies undertaken by the govt with an aim to end the gap between communities that have been classified as backward and advanced(forward), so that in various social, educational, economic and other development indicators, all of them have equally good scores or in other words people from all communities are able to extract their human potential to the fullest, which could not happen before. So, for a greater p